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The Most Advanced Ballast

1000W Digital Ballast

In the past, everyone often talked about power, heat dissipation and other parameters. And now, we want to talk about these.

Starting Peak Voltage Range

Accurate, currently the best can be controlled in 6KV-6.5KV. If the voltage is low, the lamp will not be lit. If high, it will easily blow up the bulb.

Starting Peak Voltage Range
Starting Peak Voltage Range

Additional Low Frequency Swing

Add 200 HZ low frequency swing to prevent acoustic resonance.

200Hz Swing

Start Characteristics

The lamp tube requires a stable current after starting, while a poor rectifier has a large current.

Start Current
Start Current

Wide Input Voltage

The rated voltage of China is 220V. The voltage of the United States has two kinds of 120V and 277V. If it is a wide input voltage, it requires 90-305V. The voltage in Europe is 230V, the actual is 165-265V. If you want to expand the range to 120V, the technology is achievable. Take a ballast of about 600 watts as an example, at 230V, the current is 3A. At 110V, the current is 6A. Components, transformers, filters, and fuses need to be amplified. This will increase the cost. If the power is about 100 watts, then there is almost no difference in the cost difference, because the current is only the difference between 0.5A and 1A. 300 watts or more? Yes, there will be a big difference in cost.


Generally 95%. LED driver is generally 92%. The reason why the ballast is 3 points higher is that there is no rectifier diode.

PF Value

At present, 99% can be achieved. The low PF value will affect the power grid. There will be requirements for 15-20W in Europe and America. But don’t be afraid of low-power ones, such as adapters. The international standard of 95% is enough, and the waveform differs from the actual ideal waveform by only 5%.

Impact of Low PPF Value

If use an incandescent lamp, the waveform is the same as the grid. In addition, almost all electrical appliances have diodes and add a large capacitor, so the current is sharper than the voltage. AC, the capacitor is not discharged and the diode does not work. When the generator is running, the load is gone, and the generator will resonate. For this part, the current distribution plant is compensated.
The required current is parallel current, for example, 10A. For low PF values, the peak value will reach 30-40A. This requires a thick wire, which will increase the loss of the entire power supply system. For electrical appliances above 70 watts, power factor correction is required.



The marked waveform has a deviation of 5%. There is a certain correlation with the PF value, but it is not completely correlated.

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