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Best PAR Meter


When the light is sunlight, LED, HPS, CMH, it can provide accurate data.

PPFD Testing Range

Mostly measured to 2000 at present.

Wavelength Testing Range

380-780nm is preferred.


Can be test. Preferably in the form of SQD.

Response Time

Preferably set up. It can be displayed instantaneously. You can also set the corresponding delay time. For example, when measuring the PAR value in the tent, you need to close the tent to get the most accurate data, which requires enough time for the zipper of the tent.


The current market price ranges from US$20 to US$1,500.


There is a telescopic rod to measure the PPFD at a longer distance. There are several sensors on the telescopic rod, which can measure the data of several points at the same time, saving time.

Record Function

Can store the tested data.

APP Control

Can be connected to mobile phone via WIFI, which is convenient for remote monitoring. Test instruments located in multiple locations can simultaneously display the corresponding PAR values ​​on the same interface.



Duration of Use

Because the battery is used.

Operating Temperature


IP Grade

Warranty Time

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