Best Controller for Grow Light

Let’s talk about how to find the best grow light controller.

Complete functionality

  • The power of lights can be adjusted. Because the PAR values required by cannabis in different growth stages are different.
  • Control the on and off time of lights. Cannabis also needs to rest. For example, the growth stage is 18 hours on and off for 6 hours. In the flowering stage, it is on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours.
  • Multi-channel. Realizes the adjustable spectrum of LED grow light. In the growth stage, more blue light is needed. While in the flowering stage, the content of blue light needs to be reduced, and the content of red light needs to be increased.
  • Control power in time intervals. For example, when there is sunlight, turn down the power. When there is no sunlight, turn up the power. For another example, simulating the change in the PAR value during the day’s sunrise and sunset.
  • Frequent switching of grow lights in a short period of time. Promote flowering.
  • Multi-channel control. Such as one control LED grow light, one control CMH.
  • Detect the temperature. When the temperature is too high, reduce the power or turn off the light. Can cooperate with a fan or cooling system. When the temperature is too low, it can cooperate with the heater.
  • Display humidity. Can cooperate with a humidifier.
  • Detects the concentration of CO2. Can cooperate with the CO2 generator.

Digital signal control

Because of the analog signal, it is difficult to achieve consistency when controlling multiple grow lights. For example, when a command to reduce the power by 50% is issued, the light close to the controller can accurately reduce the power by 50%. But the lamp far away from the controller may only be 45%. The resistance of line 26 is 26Ω/m, the two-wire transmission is 100 meters, 100 * 0.143 * 2=28.6Ω, we use 4-core wire Two-wire parallel connection for 100 meters, 14.3 ohms, 1.5 meters of wire between the lamp and the lamp, 100 lamps, 14.3*1.5=21.45Ω, the lamp absorbs signal current 0.3-1mA, 1mA * 100 = 100mA, 0.3mA * 100 = 30mA. The end pressure ≈(100/2)x21.54Ω=1.077V, (30/2)x21.54Ω=0.33V. 1V corresponds to 10% dimming power. The turn-off voltage is 0.6-0.8V. Even 0.33V will cause the lights not to be turned off synchronously.

Number of Lights Controlled

Stability and Warranty

Generally it is 3 years.

Mobile APP Control

Because it is difficult to stay in the greenhouse 24 hours a day, it is necessary to be able to view and control the planting system on a mobile phone.


The environment where cannabis are grown may have high humidity, so moisture-proof treatment is required.


The smaller the better, energy saving. Generally 5-10 watts.

Input Voltage Range


Easy to Fix and Install

Small size and light weight.


UL Certification.

Have Software, electronics,and Hardware Design Capabilities

The controller can be modified or customized according to the actual needs of customers.

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