Wind For Cannabis Grow

Windburn For Plants

Although the optimal amount of breeze can bring a rich yield and promote the growth of healthy buds, too much wind can damage your cannabis plants and make them “burned by the wind.”

What is wind burn?

Autoflowering cannabis growers can use fans to promote air movement in the cannabis garden. However, you need to pay attention to how much ventilation and airflow is provided for the cannabis plant.
Please note that plant wind burns occur because air movement is overwhelming for your cannabis plant because it causes transpiration to occur faster and more frequently.
Windburn can put pressure on your self-flowering cannabis plant and have undesirable consequences for your cannabis garden, such as: slow growth, small buds and low yield, yellow, brown, and bronze burn marks on the leaves
Long-term exposure to strong winds can damage the leafy surface area of the cannabis plant. It can inhibit weed plants to perform biological functions necessary for survival.
If your plants are already experiencing plant problems, such as pH/nutrient imbalances, pests, or drainage issues, the additional pressure from wind burning may kill your cannabis plant. Once symptoms are found, windburns must be treated immediately.

How does windburn happen?

According to the published chapter in the “Annual Book of Botany” that studies the effects of wind on the behavior of stomata and photosynthetic stems, wind speed is what keeps water-saturated air away from the stomata.
However, too much flow or air can cause the transpiration rate to be too high, causing your self-flowering cannabis plant to lose more water than its absorption capacity. This kind of water loss is undesirable because it causes the plant’s leaves to wilt, curl and become loose. Please note that extremely fast winds can cause tissue damage and make your cannabis plant leaves look like pests. Insects have bitten off the leaves of the plant.

Indoor cannabis plants and rubella

Cannabis plants grown indoors are particularly susceptible to plant wind burns because growers awkwardly place fans too close to plants. When fans are pointed directly at your cannabis plant, instead of moderately exchanging air in the environment, they can cause a large amount of airflow to occur, which can damage the leaves of the plant.
You will notice that the area where the hemp garden stroke hits with the highest pressure is also the area where your plants suffer the most damage from the windburn of the plants.

What are the symptoms of plant wind burn?

Once you have confirmed that your plant suffers from wind burns, you can begin wind burn treatment on the plants.
However, determining whether your plant suffers from wind burn can be tricky because the symptoms are very similar to other self-flowering cannabis plant problems, such as nitrogen toxicity, too little water, too much water, nutrient lock-in, and heat stress.

The following are the most common symptoms of plant wind burns:

The edges of the leaves are brown and burnt
Yellow dots on new leaves
Leaves curled and scratched
Plants wither and droop
Twisted plant growth
Abnormal plant growth
Dark purple spots on the leaves
Cupping of leaves

The most common sign of a wind burn is that your leaves will open inward. Check the new leaves on the top of the plant. If these leaves show greater signs of distress compared to the leaves at the bottom, then your self-flowering cannabis plant may suffer botanical wind burns.

How to treat cannabis plant rubella?

There is no way to immediately reverse the damage caused by wind-burning plants, but you can take some measures to deal with it and provide your cannabis plant with the best chance of survival. With proper care, attention and treatment, your plants will be able to recover from wind burns.

You can take the following measures to treat rubella from plants:

Adjust fan settings

Start fighting wind burns by adjusting the fan settings of the hemp garden. The air flow in the growth space should maximize the flow of air between the growth lamp and the plant canopy.
Make sure that all cannabis plants are exposed to the breeze, which can move their leaves slightly. If your plants are outdoors, you need to use cloth, wooden sticks, or store-bought pickets to set up a windbreak.

Prune your cannabis plant

Depending on the severity of the impact on your self-flowering cannabis plant, some of your leaves may be damaged or die.
Leaves with severe tissue damage have little hope of recovery, so you need to get rid of them. To reduce losses, cut off the leaves burned by the wind.

Dry against the wind

Windburn can be unusually dry for cannabis plants, so you need effective windburn treatment to help your plants fight wind drying.
It is recommended that you use an anti-drying agent on the cannabis plant, such as pine oil emulsion, which provides a protective coating and helps biological processes such as transpiration, osmosis, and photosynthesis.

How to avoid plant wind burns?

The best way to treat plant wind burns is to avoid it from happening in your cannabis garden.

Please follow the tips listed below to avoid wind burns when growing plants in your cannabis garden:
Avoid growing too many self-flowering cannabis plants in crowded spaces. Your plants need space to breathe and grow.
Use fans with multiple airspeed settings in your growing space. Having different fan speed options allows you to adjust the wind speed according to the needs of the cannabis plant.
Point the fan towards the bare wall to prevent the air from directly hitting the leaves of the plant. In this way, air ventilation can still be carried out.
Use swing fans that provide breeze and move from one direction to another. These provide sufficient airflow without blowing too long in a specific area.
Make sure your leaves move slightly with the wind, and not shake or vibrate violently. Check if your fan is close to plants and power sources.

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