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The Effect Of Music On The Growth Of Cannabis

Music For Cannabis Growth

Can cannabis understand the sound like a human?

This ability to detect sounds enables plants to experience the outside world and take corresponding actions when they are in trouble. Far from being an inert green substance that flutters with the wind, plants have an incredible understanding of their surroundings.
The sound of caterpillars chewing plant leaves leads to an increase in the specimens of defensive chemicals designed to stop the attacker. More importantly, plants can distinguish between sound energy representing threats and sound from non-threatening sources.
Research published in the journal Plant-microbe-animal Interactions shows how plants promote the production of glucosinolates and anthocyanins after being exposed to the vibrations of chewing caterpillars.
Sound waves not only affect plants to strengthen their defenses; sound energy also affects plant growth and germination. Experiments have shown that there is a huge difference in tomatoes affected by a particular tune; it grows to twice as much as the control group [2]. Researchers have even discovered that certain tunes can suppress viruses in tomato plants.
Research shows that both noise and music can change the way plants grow. A study published in the Journal of Comprehensive Agriculture showed that sound waves between 0.1 and 1 kHz increased the yield of peppers by 30%, the yield of cucumbers by 37%, and the yield of tomatoes by 13%. The same paper pointed out that sound waves reduced the occurrence of red spiders, aphids, gray mold and late blight.

Other scientists have explored the effects of music on plants and found that music can promote growth and increase the presence of metabolites such as chlorophyll and starch. After comparing the influence of Indian classical music and rock music on Chinese roses, the researchers found that the latter hindered the growth of roses. Other studies have found that six kinds of vegetables have higher levels of indole acetic acid (a key growth hormone) after they are exposed to music.
Further research found that both rock music and classical music have a positive effect on seed germination, plant height and leaf count. In contrast, non-rhythmic traffic noise can have a negative impact. Contrary to this finding, another experiment found that compared with silence, any noise promotes the growth of beans.
Growers spare no effort to increase the production of cannabis plants-from tried and tested fertilizer potions to extremely powerful lights and automatic climate control. But do DJ controllers and speakers have a place in your growing tent?
Although many studies have observed the positive effects of music on plants, marijuana has yet to be tested. However, hemp has the same biological growth mechanism as many other plants.

Music can bring a slight increase in your production, which really makes sense. But we simply don’t know the best genre, how far to place the speakers, or the volume or volume when playing the song of your choice.
If you want to try it, please prepare some trial and error. Explore genre, volume, duration and rhythm.

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