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Samsung LED is Not a Must for Cannabis

Lm301h Structure
  Customers often ask us whether we use Samsung LEDs, and some even mentioned 301H or 301B. I analyzed that there might be several reasons.
1. Fluence uses 301H, the cultivation effect and the stability of this LED have been practical. 
2. Samsung is an internationally renowned brand. 
3. Related patent issues.
  When I was working in a Samsung agent, the sales director of Samsung once stated in an email that 301H and 301B were exactly the same LEDs, with an H (horticulture initials), to connect with the horticulture lighting market. There are flux bins of the LED. Samsung will pick out the bright bin and stick it with the 301H label, a little bit lower, stick the 301B label.

301H | B Detailed Introduction

1. 301H | B uses a PCT 3030 bracket (high reflectivity).
2. Samsung's self-produced 38.9mil flip chip with pad (high brightness, low voltage, strong resistance to cold and heat shock).
3. Using TiO2, On the one hand, it protects the silver-plated layer of the bracket from the pollution of sulfides and amides that may exist in the air. On the other hand, it also increases the light extraction rate.
4. Similar to many series of Samsung LEDs, Zener is also added to prevent static electricity, and because Zener is black and absorbs light, white glue is also placed on Zener. 
  In short, Samsung has tried everything to improve the PPE of 301H | B, which is indeed commendable.
Dot Phosphor
Dot Phosphor

So does it have to be 301H | B?

From the Perspective of PPE

  1. 3 PCS 22 x 35mil formal chips are sealed in a 3030 PCT bracket in parallel, which is similar to 301H PPE.
  2. 40mil flip chip with pad is used, using the same process of 301H | B can achieve the same PPE.
  3. Although most of the LEDs in the market are not as good as 301H | B, many can still use 1.5 PCS instead of 1 PCS 301H. For example, If 10PCS 301H 90mA drive, you can also choose 15 PCS relative ordinary LED 60mA drive, the same PPE can be achieved, the overall cost can be even cheaper, and the light output will be more uniform.

From the Perspective of Anti H2S

On the LED module, spraying a special layer of glue can have better effect.

From the perspective of Q90

Because the drive current of the LED used in the LED grow light is not large, the DLC standard can also be achieved for the requirements of PPF and color coordinate changes.

Flux Maintainance
Flux Maintainance
Chromaticity Shift
Chromaticity Shift

From the Perspective of Patent Analysis

Toyoda Gosei has granted patent authorization to some LED packaging factories, and even brand authorization.

From the Analysis of Samsung’s Own Product Line

Because of the long-term shortage of 301H | B and the higher price, they have also launched the 301D with a formal chip. The production process of 301D and other LED's process on the market are the same.

Please stop thinking that only Samsung’s LEDs can grow good cannabis.

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