Full spectrum LED grow light is a False Proposition

Solar Spectrum

There are often LED grow light brands claiming that the spectrum of their lights is full spectrum, which can approach the effect of sunlight exposure. What about in fact?

The spectral range of sunlight is from 100nm to 1000000nm, compared with sunlight, there is no artificial light source that can be called full spectrum. Therefore, I think the full spectrum is just a gimmick for LED grow light manufacturers to promote.

This is the spectrum chart of FLUENCE and GAVITA, you can see the range of the spectrum chart.


So what kind of spectrogram is the most suitable for cannabis?

In fact, it is only necessary to supplement the above two spectra with the corresponding UVA and Far Red, and in the fruit phase with UVB (310nm).

UVA, for the plant has two major effects.

1. Inhibit the over growth of plants and promote the opening of leaf pores. (Over Growth: branches and stems grow too fast, become thin and long, and branches and stems are prone to collapse.)

2. produce stress, stress can produce secondary metabolites, there are many nutrients in plants and secondary metabolites related.

The wavelengths of UVA are mainly 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm, 415nm, and we choose 385nm and 405nm bands, 405nm is a little higher.

Far Red, for plants, also has two major effects.

1. Maximize photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is divided into photosynthesis I and photosynthesis II. 730nm has a strong ability to stimulate photosynthesis I. 660nm can stimulate photosynthesis I and photosynthesis II, but the ability to stimulate photosynthesis I is not as strong as 730nm; it needs to work together with 730nm to maximize photosynthesis.

Emerson Effect Photosynthesis

2. The ratio of 660:730nm light power can change the shape of the plant; a high ratio makes the plant relatively taller; a low ratio makes the plant more plump.

Role Of Red And Far Red Component

3. Far Red can promote the flowering of plants.

The wavelength of Far Red is 730nm.

UVB, which can promote the formation of THC.

The wavelength of UVB is 310nm. Please note that UVB should only be used when the plants are flowering and fruiting. Otherwise, it will cause irreversible damage to the plant.

Uvb For Thc
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