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Radiators of LED Grow Lights

Spectrum Changable Led Grow Light

Most colors of the radiators for LED grow lights on the market are silver. This is because silver is the true color of aluminum, and oxidation factories are more willing to do it. If it is another color, it will be obvious if it is scratched.

Silver is also divided into matte and bright silver, and the proportion of heat radiation is quite different. A radiation area of ​​100 square mm can radiate approximately 6 watts of heat. Matte, although the reflectivity is a little worse, but the heat dissipation is much better. The brightness of the LED is inversely proportional to the temperature. After a comprehensive comparison, not only the brightness is higher, but the stability is also better.

Let’s take a look at the heat sink. It should not be too dense, so that it is difficult for natural wind to form convection and bring out heat. It is recommended that the distance between the scales is 10mm.

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