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Meaning of Color Temperature

Light Meter

Color temperature refers to the scale of light color, and the unit is K (Kelvin). First, we imagine a black object that does not emit light, absolutely black. When we heat it up, as the temperature increases, the absolute black body first emits red light, then becomes brighter and brighter, turns into yellow light, then turns into white light, until blue light. We can see this in some movies and TV shows. For example, casting a sword, when the iron is heated, the iron turns dark red at first, and then gradually turns orange as the temperature rises. We can also find some relationship with astronomy. There are many stars in the sky. Except for Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus that we can see, the stars that we can basically see are all stars—the planets that emit light and heat by themselves. The surface temperature of the red planet is low, and the surface temperature of the blue planet is high. For example, Orion-Betelgeuse, is a very bright red giant star. The redness of the red giant star shows that the surface temperature of this planet is not high – only 3500K. And Orion B-Betelgeuse is a bright blue giant star with a surface temperature of 11300K. It can be seen that the temperature of blue is higher than that of red. The sun we are most familiar with is a yellow dwarf star with a surface temperature of 5770K. Finally, I will summarize it into one sentence: blue is a cool color, but the color temperature is high. Red is a warm color, but the color temperature is low. The color temperature of candlelight is about 1900K. The color temperature of household incandescent lamps is about 2800K.

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