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How to Choose CCT for Your Space

Grow Light Meter

Warm yellow light: Below 3000K, suitable for private spaces such as bedrooms. The reddish or orange low color temperature lighting will give people a warm and stable feeling, and it will look very warm and freehand when paired with wooden furniture. People will feel more relaxed under warm yellow light, because it is very close to the natural light source at dusk, so we will feel sleepy more easily under warm light, which is why warm yellow light is very suitable for private and relaxing spaces.
Warm white light: 3000-4500K. Suitable for living room, dining room, and other home spaces. Warm white light is between high color temperature and low color temperature, giving people a refreshing and comfortable feeling. The lights in this range have soft light and can well restore the color of the object itself, so it is often used as daily lighting. In warm white light, 3000K is relatively more suitable for the home environment. The 3000K light not only retains the warmth of warm light, but also is bright and comfortable enough, so this color temperature is often chosen for home lighting.
It is generally recommended to choose a light color temperature in the same home environment, so that our eyes do not need to re-adapt to the light changes every time we go to a space to avoid eye fatigue.
If you want a more atmospheric home environment, you can use warm white light as the main lighting and warm yellow light as auxiliary lighting. For example, place a small lamp with low color temperature at the head of the bed to make the space more warm and friendly.
Positive white light: 4500-6000K. Suitable for commercial and public spaces such as offices and shopping malls. The bluish high color temperature light will bring a cool and transparent feeling. If it is matched with glass and metal furniture, it will appear more serious and avant-garde. Because the white light is close to the natural light state at noon, it can make people more concentrated, and suitable for use in offices or commercial places.
Cool white light: above 6000K. Suitable for empty workshops, airports, and other places. There are many blue components in the spectrum of cool white light, so it will give people a cold and depressing feeling. It is only suitable for use in places such as airports, stations, and roads where there are few people or where the lighting quality is low.

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