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Best LED Grow Light for Tent

Grow In A Tent

So far, I have rarely seen a LED grow light that is really suitable for cannabis in a tent. The so-called quantum board light has an obvious shortcoming, that is, the difference between the value of the center PPFD and the value of the edge is 2-4 times, which will cause the center to be too high and even wasteful; and the PAR obtained by the cannabis at the edge far from enough.

Ppfd Distribution Of Quantum Board
PPFD Distribution Of Quantum Board

Some people say that the reflective layer in the tent will make the light uniform, but the actual test data can only say that there is a little improvement.
Ideally, when the LED lights are turned on to the maximum power, we need the PPFD value of all points in the tent to be above 1000umol/s/m2, and the difference between the highest value and the lowest value should not exceed 10%.

How to design such a lamp?

Different sizes of tents must have different lights. Taking a 3×3 inch tent as an example, it usually grows 4 pots of cannabis. we hope that the LED diodes can be concentrated on the positions above the four pots of hemp. Compared with the quantum board, although the illuminance at the center of the tent will be reduced, it will definitely have a much better effect. On the one hand, the illuminance value in the center can also meet the requirements for cannabis growth; on the other hand, the cannabis at the edge gets enough PAR.

4 Pots Of Cannabis In A 3 X 3 Inch Tent
4 Pots Of Cannabis In a 3 X 3 Inch Tent
Best Led Grow Light For Cannabis Grow In A 3 X 3 Inch Tent
Best Led Grow Light For Cannabis Grow In a 3 X 3 Inch Tent

By analogy, if it is a 4 x 4 tent, it should be able to put 6 pots of cannabis. That is, 6 such LED modules are needed.

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