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Waterproof is very important for LED grow light (LED DIODE TOPIC)

Led Structure

Waterproof is very important for LED grow light. LED DIODE TOPIC.This is the structure diagram of most white LEDs in the market, you can see the silver plating layer and the line connecting the chip and the substrate. The humidity in the plant growing environment is very high, RH is about 85%. If water vapor enters into the LED, it will change the color of the silver-plated layer, which will affect the light emitted by the LED and reduce the brightness. The sulfide from the nutrient solution will make the silver plating layer black, and the amide in the nutrient solution will cause the alloy wire to break. There are two methods for LED to deal with moisture. 1. Use pure gold wire and add anti-vulcanization rubber onto the silver plating layer. 2. Spray nano-coating on the phosphor surface. Because the cost of the gold wire of Option 1 is high and the fluctuation range is large, it is better to use Option 2.

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