Light Saturation Point and Light Compensation Point

Saturation And Compensation

For cannabis cultivation, more light is not the better; of course not less is better.

Light Saturation

Within a certain range of light intensity, photosynthesis increases with the increase of light intensity, but after a certain light intensity, photosynthesis maintains a certain level and no longer increases. This critical point of light intensity is called the light saturation point.

Light Compensation

Below the light saturation point, when the light intensity decreases, photosynthesis also decreases. The light intensity when the organic matter produced by the cannabis through photosynthesis is in balance with the matter consumed by respiration is called the light compensation point.

Saturation And Compensation Point
Saturation And Compensation Point

Reasons for light compensation point and light saturation point

The fact that the light saturation point appears in cannabis is that the dark response under strong light cannot keep up with the light response, which limits the increase in the photosynthetic rate with the increase of light intensity. Therefore, the main factors that limit photosynthesis in the saturation stage are the diffusion rate of carbon dioxide (affected by the concentration of carbon dioxide) and the rate of carbon dioxide fixation (affected by the activity of carboxylase and the rate of RuBP regeneration).

Light Stress

Excessive light can cause light stress and cause photoinhibition of cannabis photosynthesis, especially when other adverse environmental factors such as low temperature and drought exist at the same time, or when plants growing under weak light are suddenly transferred to strong light , will cause irreversible damage to the photosynthetic apparatus.

Diffuse light

Improve the phenotypic structure of cannabis, each cannabis is even, the size is the same, the appearance is good, and the leaves are thick.

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