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Best LED Grow Light With UV

Higher Uv

UVB can promote the formation of THC, and UVA can promote the production of more nutrients. Then how do we find the best manufacturers of grow lights with UV LED?

  • It depends on the selected LED. All LED encapsulation on the market uses silica gel, and silica gel is organic, and the energy of ultraviolet light is very strong, which will break the covalent bond of organics and degrade the material. And for brackets made of EMC and PCT materials, ultraviolet light will also have a strong destructive effect on them. Pct The UV light encapsulated by a ceramic substrate should be used, and the chip should not be covered with glue, and should be covered with a quartz plate. The place where the quartz plate is connected to the substrate should be fixed with UV-resistant low-fold glue. Because of the high humidity in the environment where plants grow, the LED must be able to pass the red ink test. Red Ink Test
  • The light emitted by the UV LED cannot be irradiated to other LEDs. Therefore, the UV LED module should be slightly higher or lower than other color LED modules. Higher Uv Can’t spray glue on the UV LED. However, it is still necessary to spray glue around the LED to protect the solder paste layer.
  • The radiation illuminance value and distribution value of UVA+UVB. UVB needs to be above 0.134mW/cm2 and should be given for 6 hours a day for at least 40 days. Studies have shown that doing so will increase the Δ9-THC content from 2.5% to 3.2%.
  • UVB, UVA and other colors of light can best be controlled in three ways. UVB is only lit when the cannabis account is opened. UVA is always on, but needs to be turned off when there are workers under the lamp.
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