All-match LED Grow Light

In the past market, 630W LED grow lights were the mainstream, and white light +

660nm LEDs were mainly used, however, everyone gradually discovered that more

powerful lights can bring higher yields, and UV plus far-red light can also play a great

role. Then what should we do? Do we need to buy a more powerful light with UV and


Our All Match LED Grow Light can help you solve this problem. This light can be

fixed on any strip combination of grow lights. After the original 630W light is

matched with this All-match light, the whole becomes a 700 watt grow light with UV

and far red.

Additional information

Light Source


Input Power


Input Voltage


Beam Angle


Thermal Management




Product Details:

Adjust the power of UV and far red respectively in three gears, or switch UV and

far-red respectively.

Can be connected to the main light and share the same control system.

390nm Power: 30W  Radiant Power: 7000mW

730nm Power: 47W   Radiant Power: 18800mW


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